Dare your desires

Dare Your Intimate Desires

Let's allow ourselves to go to the end of our somewhat perverse face...

Like everyone else, you may have secret desires, fantasies, that make you feel a little ashamed, but that inhabit and encumber you. Sometimes their violence shakes you up...

I want to show you that these desires, or even these vices, contribute to your personality, that they are one of your richess, as much as your qualities. I want to help you to accept them, to love them, to welcome them with joy as a part of you that is just waiting to blossom...




You can also write to me or call me (my contact information is at the bottom.  Don't be afraid, I've heard it all, I've often experienced it all, I no longer have taboos, nothing shocks me, and I'll be happy to help you be fully yourself. I will be your benevolent accomplice. 

If you dream of finding a place where you can live out these secret desires openly, without being judged, without shame, this house is for you.

And don't forget: the morality that has been put on our backs and that imprisons us is the morality of others...


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